Business Texting Etiquette Done Right With RyText 

man using business texting etiquette

Business texting has proven to be an asset for many businesses that incorporate texting into their day-to-day activities. Customers love having several avenues of communication to connect with a business, but employees also appreciate text messaging. But a regular struggle is knowing texting etiquette.  Traditionally, if coworkers wanted to talk to each other, they had […]

9 Text Message Templates to Schedule Appointments Better

calendar with pin to schedule text message templates

If you’re like us, you think business text messaging sounds great. The problem is that adding SMS messaging can seem like it’s just adding “one more thing” to someone’s plate. With 61% of businesses wishing they could send and receive texts from their main business number, business messaging has become a very desirable communication avenue. […]

Business Messaging Use Cases

man using business messaging

Business messaging is changing the customer service of the business industry. With increased users preferring messaging to verbal connections, it is important to offer this avenue to customers.   97% of adult Americans today own a cell phone. These statistics help prove that business messaging, like the solution provided by RyText, can benefit your business in big ways. There are several uses cases for business messaging. Below, we will dive into just […]

Why Customers Prefer Text Messages to Phone Calls

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Communication has come a long way since the early 1900s. In just a short time, we have gone from only snail mail and telegraphs to telephones, fax, email, and other digital means, to text messages! This improvement in technology has been a blessing to businesses around the world, as customer service has been able to improve with technology. While many other […]

Start Text Messaging from Your Business’ Main-Number

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Texting is a major part of our lives, especially for the younger generations. It is estimated that there are 26 billion text messages sent per day. Did you also know that business text messaging through RyText Main-Number texting can be an incredible asset for your business? Not only can business text messaging offer quicker and easier communication between […]