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Think of how far connecting with others has come. From the days of the pony express to the invention of telephones, and finally computer technology. All these communication avenues have brought us closer and closer together. As communications evolve and improve, businesses have taken advantage of these avenues to better serve their customers. In today’s world, among the newest and most convenient communications connections includes text marketing.  

Text messaging has become the social norm in all aspects of life including business. This is especially true for Millennials. This demographic is about 25-40 years old, meaning they are the prime age for making buying decisions. To not cater to their preferences could be detrimental to business success. The convenience of a quick text to receive the answers they seek suits their fast-paced lifestyles. In this article, we are going to go over some of the major business and customer benefits of using text marketing.  

Customer Service and Text Marketing 

Traditionally, customers would have to drive to the business or make a phone call to receive help from customer service. However, businesses now have the option to serve their customers in a wide variety of ways. In addition to phone calls and office hours, businesses can now offer online chat services, auto attendants, and text messaging. Offering a wide range of communications avenues increases customer service and customer experience.  

Customer engagement also improves when offering text marketing. Only 4% of consumers report having unread text messages at the end of the day. This is astonishing compared to the 40% of consumers who report having unread emails at the end of the day. That means if businesses are hoping to reach customers, a short text message will be more effective than a well-thought-out and detailed email.  

Text Marketing Use Cases 

Text marketing has a variety of use cases that are helpful to customers. Not only are these use cases a great way to connect with customers, but they also build relationships with customers. Using automation, text marketing can give businesses a major “bang for their buck”. Below are a few examples of text marketing use cases that are very helpful to businesses.  

 Status Updates 

Business text messages easily let customers know about status updates. This includes the status of any orders that the customer made. Restaurants and other service industries can notify customers of table availability, delivery status, updates on pickup times, and any other information they need to convey to their customers.  

Sale Announcements 

A great way for retailers to use text marketing is through sale announcements. Shoppers can join loyalty programs or opt-in to receive marketing from the company. Once the customers are part of the program, they can receive information on sales or specials that the store may be offering.  

Event Updates 

Along with sales opportunities, businesses can let customers know about special events they may be holding. When businesses set up their text marketing, they can choose to send these events to all their customers, or just a specific subgroup of customers, usually their repeat or most loyal customers.  

Changes to the Status Quo 

Another perk of text marketing is that businesses can message everyone all at once. This means that it is not necessary to contact everyone individually, saving precious personnel resources. Therefore, if the company needs to close suddenly or update business hours, they can let all their customers know at once through one simple text message.   

Get Text Marketing Today 

RyText can help set up your business marketing! Our specialists are ready and waiting to help your business go to the next level with our business texting messaging. We can walk you through the setup and will help you understand the ins and outs of messaging. Our text messaging will help set your business apart from your competitors. Contact us to get started with our simple to use and effective business text messaging today! 


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