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5 Best Benefits Of Business Messaging

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Always nearby, always available: business messaging is the most convenient way to communicate. It allows you to keep in touch with business contacts and customers without a lot of effort. Did you know that your customers actually prefer to be texted rather than called? In fact, 87% of people say they completely ignore calls from businesses and unknown numbers? 

Business messaging, such as business text, SMS, and MMS can greatly increase customer engagement and retention. To help you make messaging work for your business, let’s take a look at 5 main benefits of business messaging: 

The Benefits of Business Text Messaging 

When used correctly, business messaging can significantly improve relationships and sales. 

  1. You can reach out to your customers anytime and anywhere – be it during business hours or when you’re not in the office. So, you can send them important information, reminders, promotions… whatever is needed to keep business moving forward. 
  1. Business messaging also gives you more control. Everything is done through an easy-to-use interface, so you can set up and schedule business text messages from anywhere – on any device. 
  1. Business text messages are easy to use and convenient. 67% of consumers actually prefer a text over a call or email when it comes to scheduling an appointment or receiving a reminder (Zoominfo). So, instead of having your staff spend hours calling customers, you deliver the information they need right to their device with minimal setup. Effectively saving you and your staff a lot of time. 
  1. Text Messaging is a trusted communication method by nearly 93% of consumers (MessageDesk). With business messaging, you can ensure your text reaches the right person and it will be opened in a timely manner. Plus, by setting up text alerts, you won’t have to worry about customers forgetting to check their emails or return calls. They’ll be informed directly on their mobile device via text message when they need to do something specific with your business. 
  1. Messaging is not just convenient, it’s also cost-effective. You can send messages and content to your customers at a much lower price than making a ton of phone calls. 

Maximizing Your ROI 

Research has found that SMS campaigns have significantly higher open rates than email campaigns. SMS open rates are as high as 98% (Gartner), while email campaign open rates sit at an average of 20%. Looking at the ROI of text messaging, your business is far more likely to convert eyes into customers. 

There are many scenarios where sending SMS or MMS messages can help maximize your ROI. These include: 

  • Promotions and coupons 
  • Information – like store closures – to keep customers in the loop 
  • Personal alerts – like birthday notes and account updates 
  • Quick access to important information 

How to Start Benefiting from Business Messaging 

Chances are, if business texting has caught your attention you’re already sold on the idea. If you haven’t started using business text messaging yet or still have some doubts about how to use it effectively, reach out to us! RyText’s business text messaging can improve your company’s efficiency and availability, giving you an interactive edge that builds trust with your customers. With business text messaging from RyText, you can: 

  • Reach Customers Directly on Their Mobile Device 
  • Nurture and Follow-Up with Leads 
  • Set Up and Schedule Messages Ahead of Time 
  • Free Your Staff Up for More Tasks 
  • Build a Trusting Relationship with Your Customers 

Business text messaging provides a number of benefits: business text messaging improves communication, helps businesses connect with customers better, and ultimately gives your business a trusted tool to reach your audience. 

Business text messaging is a great business tool that you can use on a daily basis to improve your business. To learn more about business text messaging from RyText Text “Info” to 801-997-6670.  

Looking for more communication solutions? Introducing, RyTel Hosted – Your solution partner for business talk, text, and video. 


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