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Texting is a major part of our lives, especially for the younger generations. It is estimated that there are 26 billion text messages sent per day. Did you also know that business text messaging through RyText Main-Number texting can be an incredible asset for your business? Not only can business text messaging offer quicker and easier communication between coworkers, but also between your business and your customers. RyText now offers the ability to send these texts from your main business number. 

How can you utilize this strong communication as a business? Luckily, it’s easier to do so now more than ever before! We are here to discuss how texting has become one of the most popular methods for opening doorways in our day-to-day lives and its benefits for businesses. 

How to Get Started 

Business text messaging is the future of business communication and starting your business off with the ability to send text messages from your own Main-Number will give you an advantage over competitors. RyText can get you started by text-enabling your main phone number so that messages can be sent easily, from anywhere, and in any time zone.  

Benefits of Business Text Messaging 

There are many benefits when you add business Main-Number text messaging from RyText to your sales and marketing toolbox. Text messaging is the fastest-growing communication method in today’s world.   It can help you reach more customers and make your company seem more easygoing and reliable which leads to higher response rates overall!  With RyText Main-Number texting your customers now have 2 ways to respond to your messages.  Text back or call back directly to your Main-Number. 

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RyText Improves Customer Service 

Business text messaging is a great way to improve customer service by making communication with your company easier for your customers. They can get responses faster and with less frustration because they aren’t waiting long periods for call-backs anymore!  

RyText offers automation for business text messaging. This can also help improve your customer service. You can schedule SMS messages ahead of time, even when you may be out of the office, to deploy to your customers at any chosen time.  

Automation can also be used to schedule appointments, send reminders, and answer common questions, triggered by keywords sent in from your customers. 

Increase Your Customer Engagement 

It is estimated that up to 85% of Americans own a smartphone. That number jumps even higher when we include all cell phones. Another astonishing statistic is that 90% of mobile users will open and respond to text messages within 30 minutes of receipt. These numbers are important when we consider our need to catch leads and support customers.  

RyText’s business Main-Number text messaging is a great way to generate leads for your company. It’s not only an engagement tool, but it can also result in higher response rates. You can get better quality data from customers because of the higher response rates. 

Customers may be more willing to use business Main-Number text messaging than other methods of communication because text messages seem less disruptive and your customers can even call directly back to your business because it is your actual Main-Number.  Other texting services do not offer this feature. 

Customer Satisfaction Increases with Business Text Messages 

There are many use cases for business Main-Number text messaging. Most of these cases will help improve customer satisfaction. The following are a few of these use cases: 

A) Your company is out of stock of a popular item. Send a quick SMS to your customer base explaining when to expect a restock. This can save your customers time and increase their appreciation for your open communication. 

B) You want to run a special for loyal customers. Send a text message to those who have opted in for specials and discounts. 

C) Keep your buyers informed. You can send automated updates for orders straight to your customers.  

D) Set up autoresponders that allow your customers to ask common questions without having to make an entire phone call or search the web. 

Improve your Engagement with RyText Main-Number Texting 

RyText would love to help get your business started with business Main-Number text messaging. We care about your business and want to help you improve your customer relationships in any way possible! 

If you are ready to add business Main-Number text messaging to your company’s communication stack, we are here for you. Our specialists can help you with all of your questions. View our pricing here, or call/text (801) 997-6670 to learn more about business text messaging! 


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