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Why Customers Prefer Text Messages to Phone Calls

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Communication has come a long way since the early 1900s. In just a short time, we have gone from only snail mail and telegraphs to telephones, fax, email, and other digital means, to text messages! This improvement in technology has been a blessing to businesses around the world, as customer service has been able to improve with technology.

While many other forms of communication are still widely available, many people prefer text messages to contact businesses. However, there are still a lot of businesses that are not utilizing this technology! Below we have compiled a list of why you should be using RyText for your business text messaging needs. 

Customer Service  

In any business, customer service should be a top priority. Offering customers several options for communicating with your business is one way to improve customer service. The more options offered to customers to contact your company, the better. For example, if a business just offered their customers a phone number to contact the company, customers who work during the day may never get the opportunity to contact the company.  

There are several communication avenues businesses offer their customers. Some of these include phone/voice, email, online and digital chat as well as text messages. Text messages have become very popular in the business world as well as the world in general and is more widely accepted as a positive interaction by all. 

Popularity of Text Messages 

According to GagetCover, text messaging is the most used function of cell phones as of April 2019 with 88% of users regularly sending text messages. This does not even include messaging through apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. At RyText, we believe that all businesses should have the ability to text enable their main phone number so that they can also benefit from this popular communication avenue. 

Text vs Voice 

It’s no secret that text messages are more popular than voice calls. The question is why. In actuality, there are many reasons why people prefer text messaging to voice calls. Whether the text comes from a personal acquaintance or from a business, people appreciate the same attributes of a text message.  

Texting is Less Invasive 

Consumers like text messages because they are less invasive than phone calls. There are many adults who were raised in a time without caller id. Therefore, when the phone rang, it was answered. This has installed the idea that calls need to be attended to right away, even if it is an inconvenient time and interrupting something important.  

On the other hand, text messages are much less urgent. They can be discreetly checked/read in a very short time. This allows the receiver to either respond at the moment or wait until a more appropriate time. It also makes your marketing efforts feel less intrusive. 

Text messages are also seen as less personal. They can be straightforward and to the point. This takes out the “small talk” aspect of a phone conversation and helps move along the conversation, saving employees (and customers) time.  

Texting is Faster 

Text messages are fast. With business text messaging, businesses can automate their texts that come from their main business number. This means that once the messages are programmed, they can be deployed without any additional input from employees. This saves employees time while supplying customers with great customer service.  

Customers like business text messages because they can receive answers to questions and concerns quickly without having to worry about waiting on hold. This shows clients that their time is valued by your business and gives your customers the tools they desperately want and need. 

You Can Send Reminders 

Text messages can serve as reminders. When someone receives a business text message, it can be a reminder for an appointment, a tracking number, a record of a payment, or even an order update. These messages are written records that can be useful for customers to refer to at a later date or time. It’s easier to review texts than hunt through email inboxes and most people delete voicemails after listening.  

Get Started with Business Text Messages 

When it comes to reasons for your business to start texting, the options are endless. With this method of communication being preferred by most consumers, not offering it could be detrimental to your business. 

Rytext is here to help you get started on your business text messaging journey with our easy-to-use platform. Our experts can help walk you through the setup and get you headed in the right direction with your messages. Contact us today so you can improve your customer service by offering your clients another communication avenue! 

Welcome to the Textual Revolution!


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